Helping the Next Generation of Veterinarians

At Blue Buffalo, we recognize the crucial relationship between veterinarians and the health and longevity of our beloved pets which is why the Blue Buffalo Foundation is dedicated to providing financial assistance to future veterinarians through scholarships to top veterinary schools. Our goal in providing funds to these promising students is to advance human, animal and ecosystem health through both nutrition related research and knowledge exchange.          

Program Participants

Below are the universities with an active Blue Buffalo Foundation Scholarship program:

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) offers postgraduate Masters’, Ph.D. and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) programs accredited by the St. Christopher & Nevis Accreditation Board. The DVM program holds accredited status from the American Veterinary Medical Association ( The RUSVM Veterinary Clinic is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association ( RUSVM is a part of DeVry Education Group (NYSE:DV).
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