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Blue Buffalo Foundation Awards Scholarships to Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Students

The Blue Buffalo Foundation, in partnership with the Empower Scholarship Fund and its affiliated Ross University of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship, has awarded a second round of scholarships to Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (Ross Vet) students as a way to help the next generation of veterinarians.

To date, the Blue Buffalo Foundation has awarded nine scholarships totaling $87,250 US. Ross Vet recipients in 2017 included Jennifer Askin, Vladlena Bukhanova, and Eric Lynch, and the 2018 recipients included Victoria Bove, Samantha Connolly, Caitlyn Crawford, McKinsey Landers, Kathryn Panigrahi, and Corinne Perra.

The Blue Buffalo story all started in 2003 with “Blue,” a beloved large breed Airedale of the Bishop family who was battling cancer.  After consulting with veterinarians and expert animal nutritionists, Blue Buffalo® was born.

In 2004, the Bishop family also established the Blue Buffalo Foundation, a separate non-profit, charitable organization that encompasses a variety of programs intended to enhance and improve the lives of our furry friends by funding cancer research, financial assistance for cancer treatments, veterinary scholarships and by supporting organizations who provide service dogs for disabled military personnel.

“We recognize the crucial relationship between veterinarians and the health and longevity of our beloved pets” said Blue Buffalo Founder and Chairman, Bill Bishop. “So, in 2016 the Blue Buffalo Foundation expanded its support programs by providing financial assistance to future veterinarians through scholarships to top veterinary schools.”  The first scholarship established was for Ross Vet students.  The Foundation partnered with the Empower Scholarship Fund to establish the Joyce Novotny Scholarship from the Blue Buffalo Foundation for Ross Vet students.  The scholarships are available to Ross students who have completed their first year, and have expressed an interest in feline and/or canine veterinary medicine.  Each scholarship can provide up to $5,000 per year for the up to three years of the scholars studies at Ross Vet.  The goal in providing funds to these promising students is to advance human, animal and ecosystem health through both nutrition related research and knowledge exchange.   

“The journey to get into veterinary school, and to complete my education has been long and arduous; to be recognized for how far I’ve come is incredibly encouraging during the last stage of my training,” said Kathyrn Panagrahi, 2018 Blue Buffalo Foundation Scholarship awardee. “I cannot express enough gratitude to the Blue Buffalo Foundation for seeing the future veterinarian in me and supporting me through the rest of my journey.”

In addition to student scholarships, the Blue Buffalo Foundation has extensively supported cancer research, including the Animal Cancer Foundation and awards to schools such as The Ohio State University, North Carolina State, the Broad Institute at M.I.T., Cornell University, Oklahoma State University, the University of California, Davis, Colorado State University and the University of Tennessee.  These grants have been used for research and to assist in the sharing of research results between universities, clinics and veterinary oncologists.

For more information regarding scholarships for RUSVM students, visit the Empower Scholarship Fund website at empowerscholarshipfund.org.  The next round of applications will open up in Fall 2018. To learn more about the Blue Buffalo Foundation, visit https://bluebuffalofoundation.org/